60% | LEATHER FIBRE (off-cut & wastage mainly from pre-production leather scrap of industrial work products factories)



Listed by United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

Chemical & Physical

“Giving Waste a Second Life”

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Manufacturing & Smart Recycling

Recyc Leather TM is a green innovative company started up in August 2016.  Our eco-friendly products are made from the sustainable materials, through a process of smart recycling of natural leather fibers from traceable pre consumer leather wastage of domestic gardening gloves factories.  The result is brilliant: highly durable and lighter products that have outstanding strength, yet retain the traditional appearance and feel of genuine leather.

  • A more sustainable and economical solution for companies making genuine leather products
  • A smart recycling system that saves over 200 tons per month, that would otherwise go to landfill
  • Listed as a sustainable material in global fashion brands’ libraries
  • RCS certified – the global standard of recycling in the leather industry audited by Control Union (a partner of Textile Exchange)
  • Big potential applications in other industries such as footwear, fashion accessories, upholstery and interior

Natural Recycled Material

Use Less Water (from conventional tannery)

VOC Free

Zero Manufacturing Material Waste


With the rise of global warming on the international agenda, coupled with a focus on healthy lifestyle and a dedication to the ethical treatment of animals, recycled leather has entered the scene as a force for good. Manufacturers of recycled leather products offer full disclosure of their factories, the materials in their products as well as how and where they make the fabric. Brands specifically and the fashion industry as a whole have long sought sustainable materials; originally turning to fabric, now they are considering recycled leather. In addition to the fashion industry, recycle leather has applications for automobiles, upholstery and interior design. Additionally, the end consumers are a more socially and environmentally conscious generation, desiring products with less animal materials and wishing to eliminate plasticized products. While consumers in mainstream markets still buy leather products, there is a strong upward demand for ethical, green and recycled products. Consumers are ready for a change!

Circular Economy

Incorporating the leather wastage from recycling into new products is our main mission.  The original material are from the gardening gloves,  but with our innovating recycling system that are capable of transferring into higher value of products.


                     Premium Vision , Paris

                             Smart Creation

                      11-13 February 2020

Future Fabrics Expo, London

29-30 January 2020

                                                                                                                              Change NOW ,  Paris

                                                                                                                                 27 – 29 May  2021


Premiere Vision, Smart Square with all other sustainable brands and companies  #premierevision , Paris, Feb 2020

Thanks to The 9th Future Fabrics Expo London #futurefabricexpo. Honored to be selected us to be the force of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #UNSDGs.@undp @theglobalgoals @Holition

Our glove story was presented in Changenow Summit 2020 Paris #changenow2020: the first “World Expo” of Innovations for the Planet.

participated a speech in Next Tex, Fabric Start Munich Sep , organized by Sourcebook

Join conference in Change Now Summit, Sustainable Fashion , organized by Kering, meet the innovators who change the world.  Sep 2018#changenow

Thanks to Le Parisien , Jan 30  #leparisien to cover us on Change Now 2020 Paris.

In house brand,  francs bourgeois  , Paris 2020  @francsbourgeois,  small leather goods made by  recycled leather.

Xoopar x Francs Bourgeois Collaboration.  Award winner design in tech accessories.  @maison&objet in Spring 2020 , Paris. 

Recyc Leather ou l’avènement d’une matière issue de chutes de cu. Rédaction Juliette Sebille.  Photos © Corinne Jamet.  Oct 2018 LeatherFashion.Design

9th Future Fabrics Expo at Victoria House in London January, 2020

“don’t produce it, recycle it!”  Published on  in Smart CreationPremiere Vision , Paris.

Cheers up for our new Paris office  ,Sep 2019.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Aron Yu (co-founder) –  Former executive in printing & packaging industry.  Now seeking a change in sustainable world with 8 years experience in recycled leather industry.    Founder of Recyc Leather in 2017.

Olivier Grammont (co-founder) – 15 years in Asia designing mainly handbag collections. Product development, sourcing and manufacturing leather accessories for global fashion brands.