Recyc LeatherTM is a design-to-process production partner which is able to deliver the best products in recycled leather. We design and manufacture both recycled leather as well as finished products. The combination of an innovation-driven design team together with the most experienced manufacturing partner in the leather recycling industry makes us a winning partner for today’s conscious customer who is looking for sustainable products. We offer a better alternative to genuine leather from both a sustainable and economical angle and can proudly claim to be truly eco-friendly compared to vegan leather such as PU and composition leather.

Whether you are a manufacturer for global brands and you are looking for new products to include in your current portfolio and choose us as your supplier and consultant, or as a product designer & label who is looking for a new sustainable material with unbeatable design and color options for your products, RecycLeatherTM is your partner.


The Recyc LeatherTM story began 10 years ago when founder Aron Yu, working with brands for bookbinding designs, kept looking for sustainable materials in his printer factory. He saw an opportunity: recycled leather was only used as a reinforcing material in shoe soles, furniture trim and the middle layer of belts. It was a product that had limited applications due to being brittle. Aron’s 10 years of experience in design and manufacturing of leather products allowed him to formulate a greatly improved recycled leather product that was stronger and softer.


For the past seven years Aron Yu has been designing and manufacturing finished recycled leather products for his own UK brand Paperthinks. Through continuous innovation, testing and improvement, Aron is now ready to showcase his products to other brands and companies. In 2016 he created Recyc Leather TM. Previously it was not common to label products as “recycled leather”, however now it is acceptable to do so given the smart recycling system and certified recycling process. More and more people are ready to use recycled material products. Aron is now looking forward to expanding his production lines and working with companies across different industries.